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What is Immunotherapy?

How does Immunotherapy treat kidney disease?

What are the features of Immunotherapy?

What is Immunotherapy?

Because most of the kidney diseases (more than 95%) are caused by the abnormality and disorder of inherent immunity system. Immunotherapy is designed to treat kidney disease here.

There is no effective treatments to control the immune system disorder, so kidney disease is easy to relapse. While, immunotherapy is a new therapy that through stimulating inherent immunity system to fight against kidney disease from the root.

How does Immunotherapy treat kidney disease?

Immunotherapy treating kidney disease can through six steps, please see the following.

1. Exact diagnosis.

Before treated, the patients need to receive a comprehensive and systematic diagnosis and evaluation to find out the specific immune factors that cause kidney disease.

2. Immune blocking

When immune complex deposits on kidney, which can damage kidney. Immune blocking can block the inflammatory reaction by using immune-suppressing drugs, which can stop damaging kidney.

3. Immunity clearance

By using advanced blood purification techniques to eliminate specific immunity complex deposition and wastes in blood.

4. Immune tolerance

Immune tolerance means letting our kidneys accept the fact that immune complexes deposit in the kidneys, and achieve the purpose of coexistence of kidney tissues and immune complexes with the help of inhibiting inflammatory reaction persistently.

5. Immune adjustment

Immune adjustment is that by using a method of promoting blood circulation for removing blood stasis to remove immunity complexes in kidney and recover our inherent immunity system.

6. Immune protection

In fact, immune protection is the purpose of immunotherapy. Adopting replenishing health and cell treatment gets the purpose of repairing and rebuilding our inherent immune system.

What are the features of Immunotherapy?

-block or inhibit the processes of kidney disease progression.

-Relieve the symptoms of chronic kidney disease and treat the disease from root cause.

-Promote the body's natural ability to repair or replace the damaged cells.